This tool aims to help users understand potential impacts and developments relating to human-machine interfaces (HMIs) over the next 20 years from a Defence perspective. There are a number of different visualisations and resources which are designed to help you explore different aspects of future HMI technologies. These can be selected using the surrounding tiles.

The best place to start is probably the HMI Technology Catalogue, which will provide you with an introduction to the different technologies that were analysed. The other tiles on the left cover potential cognitive challenges associated with the future operating environment. The tiles below and to the right allow you to explore how HMI technologies might develop over time, how they might be categorised and how they could end up being used in the future.

An instructional video explaining the various elements of the tool and how to use them can be downloaded using this link.

Technology Selector Image

Technology Events Timeline
Compare and contrast the possible development pathways for different HMI technologies