The Bright Spark project would not have happened without the help and advice of some amazing people. In no particular order they are:

  • Alistair Jolly (Dstl programme manager and funding source)
  • Barry Trimmer (Thales Technical Director)
  • Lt Colonel Cockwell (JFIG Head of Innovation and sponsor)
  • Malcolm Stevens (Thales Engineer)
  • Matt Nottingham (Dstl SAR Physicist)
  • Claire Stevenson (Dstl SAR Physicist)
  • Dave Blacknell (Dstl SAR Physicist)
  • Shane Rouse (Dstl Technical Lead for Bright Spark)
  • Andy May (Dstl Technical Reviewer)
  • Lucy Ralph (Dstl ace communicator and Trials)
  • Simon Harrison (Trials coordination)
  • Mike Morris (Thales technical reviewer)
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